While boasting is not in our nature at Melkbosstrand Private School (MPS) – our long standing record and solid reputation when it comes to Academic Excellence speaks for itself.  We are extremely proud of our students, staff and all involved who uphold this high Academic standard every year.  

Academic Excellence has always been a key focus of MPS – and the thinking and drive behind our efforts to always be one of the best.  However, our goal is not just to purely achieve Academic results for bragging sake; but rather that the hard work put in in the Academic department lays the foundation for our students to believe in themselves and their ability to positively affect the world around them. 

This is outlined by the very first line of our Manifesto:

“One pen, held by One student, guided by One teacher, can change the world – and it

is with this belief that we raise and release “ChangeMakers” every single day.”

It is this belief that drives the team at MPS to be the best, to stand out above the rest and



What does it take to be one of the best?

MPS is one of the Western Cape’s Top 5 performing schools and we have achieved a 100% Matric Pass Rate every year since our first Grade 12 Class matriculated in 2011 – that’s 11 years of pure excellence!

Congratulations go to our learners, staff and management as MPS has once again been listed as the Top Small private school in the Western Cape and third nationally (based on the Matric results of 2021) for the third year running.

We have also received several provincial awards and achievements over the years – the most recent being listed second in the Top 20 SA Small Schools, Metro North Education District, with the most distinctions in Matric, 2021.

Our recipe for success is based on these key ingredients:

Our Dedicated Team – We are fortunate at MPS to have a team which is made up of a great mix of teachers and staff who all bring a range of talents, a wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm and energy to the table and who are bound together by their single, common passion – Raising & Releasing #Changemakers!  Our inspirational, supportive and dynamic educators, staff and directorate, provide positive and personal attention to each learner.

Our Curriculum – while the CAPS curriculum previously used at MPS stood us in good stead we are excited to now be using the superior IEB curriculum. MPS received IEB approval and acceptance to start with the implementation of the IEB curriculum in 2022 and this will see our first group of Grade 12s writing IEB exams in 2024.  The IEB national senior certificate (NSC) is an internationally benchmarked qualification and is quality assured by Umalusi (the council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education).  Another key ingredient when it comes to our curriculum is our Umalusi accreditation, awarded to MPS in 2018.  Umalusi is one of three quality councils in South Africa whose role is to develop an education framework and manage the standard of qualifications for general and further education and training.  Accreditation by Umalusi is a legislative requirement for schools offering the curriculum leading to the National Senior Certificate and is granted by Umalusi to independent schools that participate actively in its quality assurance initiatives and meet the quality assurance and standards in each of the criteria for accreditation.

Our Innovative Learning Methodologies – with our #ChangeMaker approach to educating we provide quality, “High Touch Education” (read more in our last blog) in our very High Tech world of today, using innovative learning methodologies including active learning, project based learning and providing essential feedback which all encourage the development of higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.  We also incorporate and apply the innovative Keller learning methodologies which foster “Active Reading, Critical Thinking and Creative Citizens”.

Our School Environment – at MPS our unique environment speaks volumes about what makes us different, special and definitely is a large contributing factor to MPS being seen as one of the best small private schools in the Western Cape. Our classes are small and our classrooms are nestled in the beautiful, peaceful “farm-setting” – what better setting for a school day could one dream of?

We encourage you to come and see for yourself exactly what it is that keeps us at the top of the lists, with the best Academic track record…. MPS – Raising & Releasing ChangeMakers!