25 MARCH 2022

The Melkbosstrand Private School (MPS) Brand recently underwent a metamorphosis of sorts – emerging after the process with a brand new look, renewed focus and strength.

The Re-imagining of MPS was not an exercise in convoluted marketing jargon to project an augmented image of the school, but a quest to authentically articulate who we are, and what we are already doing well. Our months and months of research and interrogation lead us down the following path…

Melkbosstrand Private School stands out from its peers for many reasons.

The most obvious of these being its unique setting which provides an amazing backdrop for our learners’ school careers…  MPS is nestled in the fields of Melkbosstrand farmland – which forms part of the the picturesque countryside surrounding Cape Town – far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Another reason is our rather unique approach to ‘schooling’.  When it comes to ‘schooling’ we’re NOT about just churning out learners with top marks and the best results, no matter the cost.

We ARE about – making a difference and a real change in the world.  MPS is a place where #ChangeMakers are raised and released through a unique combination of High Touch Quality Education and Innovative Learning Methodologies, underpinned by Christian Values.

What do we mean by all of the above?  Let’s explain…

Raising & Releasing #Changemakers – Our learners, having been ‘raised’ with care at MPS, are going to be ‘released’ into the world and are going to change the world!
At MPS we firmly believe that:  One pen, held by One student, guided by One teacher, can change the world.  It is with this belief that we raise our learners and release them as “ChangeMakers” into the world. We are inspired and guided by the biggest ChangeMaker of all time – Jesus Christ…

We celebrate our ChangeMakers who see things differently and are courageous enough to “swim upstream”, think differently and take a stand, even in the face of adversity. Our ChangeMakers are going to be the ones to push the human race forward… 

And while some may see us as crazy, we see ourselves as brave – because the people who are “crazy” enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

At MPS we believe we are the ChangeMakers of our time. 

High Touch Education – At MPS we know we are at our absolute best when we provide our learners with High Touch, Quality Education in our very High Tech world.  We focus on personalized teaching and the 

cultivation of learners’ higher order skills and socio-emotional growth (High Touch) while at the same time recognizing the importance and role of technology (High Tech) in today’s world. We offer our students a world-class, balanced, holistic education with a focus on the academic, physical, emotional and cultural development of each student, coupled with a firm foundation of Christian values. Our inspirational, supportive and dynamic educators, staff, parents and directorate provide positive, personal attention to each learner.

Our Proud Affiliations – MPS has affiliations which also make us rather distinctive.

Firstly our recent introduction of the IEB curriculum – MPS has received IEB approval and acceptance to start with the implementation of the IEB curriculum in 2022.  MPS Primary School is affiliated with IEB while our High School is registered with IEB and the first Grade 12’s to write the IEB exams will be the class of 2024.  Secondly, our newly implemented Keller Education Active Readers campaign – the campaign is aimed at encouraging learners to Be Active by – spending afternoons playing, surfing, chilling, being with friends, walking on the beach, skateboarding, riding your bicycle, enjoying sport AND to Be Readers by –  spending at least 20 minutes a day reading a book (5 days a week – in your home language and 2 days a week – in your first additional language).

The “Long and Short’ of it

In a nutshell, what makes MPS the most unique Private School in Cape Town, if not the country? It is the natural setting, human interaction, Christian Values, mentorship and neurological learning methodologies which all champion the human heart, mind and spirit.  You can quote us, disagree with us, glorify or vilify us – about the only thing you can’t do is ignore us, because We are the Changemakers of our time!

Here’s to the MPS ChangeMakers!

Come along and visit our beautiful campus and experience just what makes MPS such a special place for scholars, staff, parents and the community.