A rock solid foundation makes for a strong school – what is the foundation MPS is built on? What makes us strong and makes us more than just another school?  MPS was founded on Christian principles, hence our motto being Psalm 23 – “The Lord is my Shepherd….”  – through all the phases of Pre-Primary, Primary and High School – is firmly built on a foundation of Christian Values – this not only requires faith and obedience but also discipline.

“Our Christian principles and values are what it’s all based on at MPS and is what should shape and drive us in everything we do” says Oloff Dreyer, CEO of MPS.

Make no mistake, other elements such as a focus on High Touch Education and innovative learning methodologies play key roles at MPS, but  these need to align with our Christian values and the accompanying discipline which underpin it all.

“It brings to mind the parable of the ‘House built on the Rock’ from the gospel of Matthew which illustrates the importance of building one’s life on obedience to the teachings of Jesus – in the same way our foundation is Jesus Christ who is our ‘rock’ which keeps our school strong, steadfast and focused during the good and not so good times.”

This foundation shapes how we think, create, teach, discipline, and partner with all of our stakeholders in a completely different way. MPS is different and is also, by no means perfect – but then no place on earth is – MPS, like the world, is an imperfect place, with imperfect people who work and attend school here but our difference is that we are focused on being “teach- and “perfect-able”rather than perfect and we strive to being changemakers – just like the biggest Changemaker the world has ever seen.  

Having a Christian foundation means we have to try and live according to the “Fruits of the Spirit”, as we are commanded to, even when it’s hard we still try our level best. This creates a school environment which gives teachers opportunities to share, collaborate, innovate, and explore and makes our learners, from all phases, feel more secure in themselves which in turn makes them resilient, courageous, willing to try harder and confident enough to ask questions and to express themselves but to also face the truth where necessary.

“Having a solid foundation is key to knowing who you are which in turn affects everything you say and do.”

As we move into this poignant time of the year when we celebrate Easter and the Resurrection we are reminded again of exactly what it is that makes us different at MPS, that makes us #Changemakers, of what inspires and drives us… it’s Jesus Christ – who is, after all our Saviour, Redeemer and the greatest #Changemaker the world has ever seen.

We wish all our MPS school community;- being our dedicated teachers and staff, our committed parents, precious learners and all other Christians – a blessed Easter – “He is Risen, He is Risen indeed.”