As a parent, securing the best possible education for your child is a priority. The stressful process of registering your child at a government school in South Africa can be daunting, often leaving families feeling anxious and uncertain. This year, the Western Cape Education Department has only just finalised school placements for 2024 after a prolonged court battle, causing many students to miss out on nearly half the academic year. These pupils now face the challenging task of catching up on two terms’ worth of missed education, all while trying to keep pace with their peers.

At Melkbosstrand Private School (MPS), we are exempt from these types of challenges as our doors are always open, thereby offering year-round enrolment and, as a solution to this problem, ensuring that no child is left behind.

The Challenges of Government School Registrations

The enrolment application and allocation process for grade 1 and 8 placements in government schools is a challenging process and is fraught with uncertainty. Each year, parents are left in suspense, waiting to hear if their child has secured a spot in a reputable and the selected school of their choice. The rising population in the Western Cape and the influx due to semi-gration from other provinces exacerbates this issue, leading to fierce competition for limited school places.

In 2022, this situation reached a critical point, with thousands of students left unplaced nationally, drawing significant criticism towards the education department. Parents are understandably worried about the impact of such disruptions on their child’s educational journey.

Adding to this stress are concerns about the content and applicability of the CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) curriculum, the 30% pass rate required and the recent BELA Bill approval. These changes have sparked debates about the adequacy of the current curriculum, the future of online learning and the language policies in schools. Parents are left questioning whether the system will meet their child’s future needs and how the new regulations will affect their education.

A Beacon of Hope: Melkbosstrand Private School

In the midst of these uncertainties, Melkbosstrand Private School offers a beacon of hope. MPS is committed to providing a Christian-based education methodology in a stable, nurturing, and high-quality educational environment that addresses the individual needs of each learner.

Our school emphasises a holistic approach, integrating academic excellence with the development of character, values, and critical thinking skills. This ensures that our students not only excel in their studies but also grow as well-rounded individuals. We follow not only the IEB curriculum but through our partnership with Keller Education incorporate an innovative teaching methodology to prepare our learners for the future.

Year-Round Enrolments: Flexibility for Families

The state school applications for 2025 have closed with parents currently awaiting the outcome of the placements for next year. Understanding the pressures and challenges faced by parents, MPS offers the flexibility of year-round enrolments. We believe that no child should miss out on quality education due to timing or bureaucratic delays. Our enrolment process is straightforward and designed to welcome new students at any time of the year.

We are pleased to announce that we still have spaces available for 2024 and for 2025 across all grades. Parents who have missed the application deadline or who have semi-grated and are finding it impossible to secure a space for your child can contact our enrolment officer who is ready to assist you with any queries and guide you through the process.

Experience the MPS Difference

Choosing the right school is a priority as it can transform your child’s life and positively impact your entire family. At MPS, we are dedicated to making this decision easy and rewarding. We invite you to take a closer look at what MPS has to offer. Join our family and experience the difference that a school based on biblical principles, in a pastoral environment, with well academic qualified and supportive teachers, applying innovative and high-quality education can make.

Our friendly enrolment officer is available to answer any questions you may have and assist with the registration process. Don’t wait – Contact us today and take the first step towards becoming part of the MPS community and securing your child’s future.