In today’s high-tech world, where screens dominate and virtual interactions abound, the importance of sport in school has never been more pronounced. Beyond the traditional notions of physical fitness, sports provide a crucial counterbalance to the sedentary nature of modern life and at Melkbosstrand Private School it is a key aspect of how we foster holistic development in our learners as we build foundations beyond screens on their journey to becoming MPS #Changemakers.

Early Childhood Development – laying the foundations 

In an era where toddlers are often exposed to screens before they can walk, the significance of physical activity cannot be overstated. Early childhood sport activities not only contribute to motor skill development but also encourage children to engage with the physical world. From basic movement exercises to introductory team games, sports lay the foundation for a healthy relationship with physical activity.

“At Noah’s Ark we offer plenty of opportunities throughout the day for our little ones to be active, burn off energy and develop their fine and gross motor skills,” says Mrs Antoinette Gauche, head of ECD and Foundation phases.

“We offer extra-murals such as Rugga Roots, Wicket Cricket, Monkeynastix, Ballet, Clamber Club, Soccercize Starz, Rascals Drum Club and our Aftercare offers activities such as ball activities, movement and games.”

Primary School Years – balancing academics and activity

As technology integrates into the classroom and the pressure on learners to excel academically intensifies, participation in sport acts as a release valve, offering a structured outlet for energy while promoting overall well-being. Beyond physical benefits, the teamwork and social skills developed through sports help children navigate both the virtual and real-world social landscapes.  “Throughout our Foundation and Intermediate phases, we have an array of sport and extra mural activities including tennis, cricket, swimming, archery, netball and rugby,” says Antoinette, “we also, thanks to our Keller Education partnership, encourage our learners to be ‘Active Readers’ which means they are encouraged to engage in reading as well as outdoor activities during their after school time”.

The resilience cultivated through sports prepares students to face challenges not only on the field but also in the virtual realm. Whether dealing with cyberbullying or academic stress, primary school athletes often exhibit a resilience born from their experiences in sports.

High School – leadership and life skills for the tech-savvy generation

As technology becomes more integral to education, high school learners immersed in a high-tech world benefit immensely from the leadership and life skills instilled through sports. The ability to lead a team, handle pressure, and make split-second decisions are transferable skills applicable to both sports competitions and the fast-paced, tech-driven environments of the future.  We also firmly believe that the stress relief attained through playing sport is invaluable as our older learners navigate intense experiences associated with studying, pressure to achieve, social pressures all while trying to develop into adults of the future.

In the midst of the digital revolution, the concept of “high-touch education” becomes increasingly relevant. Sport in school offers a tangible, hands-on experience that goes beyond screens and keyboards.

”The face-to-face interactions, mentorship opportunities, and emotional connections formed through sports lends itself to a high-touch education environment – a concept that we endeavour to make a reality for our MPS high school learners as we walk with them on their journey to becoming their adult-selves,” says Mr Allan Norton, head of Intermediate, Senior and FET phases.

Sport at MPS

Sport has always been an important part of the routine at MPS and the future of sport at the school is looking very bright indeed!  During the past year we participated in some exciting sporting events including a string of Primary School Sports Days which saw MPS and various schools competing including Malmesbury Christian Private School (CPM), Vyeboom Christian Private School, Simond Private School, Darling College and Laerskool Slot van die Paarl as well as the hugely successful annual MPS vs CPM Derby Day.  This year promises even more of the same – our learners are very excited to show their mettle.

On the MPS High School side of things learners are preparing to take part in several very competitive netball matches and 7s rugby tournaments with the highlight of the calendar being a MPS 1st Team Rugby VS MPS Old Boys match!

“Sport and extra mural activities such as chess, drama, etc are important aspects of giving our learners the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle,” says Mr Oloff Dreyer, CEO of MPS, “It’s very important that sport is competitive but not add stress and put unnecessary pressure on learners – it’s more about participation,” he added.

In a world where technology advances at an unprecedented pace, the timeless value of sports in school remains a constant. From fostering physical fitness to nurturing essential life skills, sport provides a holistic approach to education that is indispensable in today’s high-tech landscape. By embracing the high-touch educational opportunities that sport offer, MPS is able to strike a balance between the digital and physical realms, preparing students not only for academic success but also for the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly evolving world – making them #Changemakers of the future!  Contact the MPS team today to find out about enrollment – we look forward meeting new MPS #Changemakers-in-the-making.