Finding the right space for your child for the new school year is a stressful, daunting task for any parent and ending up in the position of not having found a school or perhaps not yet having found the right school at this point in the year is not uncommon – don’t feel alone.

Reasons for not having a school for the new year vary greatly and may include:

  • relocation – moving town or even province can ‘uproot’ not just the family but also any plans made with regards to schooling. 
  • no space available – the public school enrolment and allocation process is a long, tedious one which sees parents waiting on tenterhooks to hear if their child has been allocated a space at their school of choice.  The process, more often than not, leaves most parents and learners shattered in its wake and sometimes allocated to a school not of choice or even without having been allocated ANY school at all.
  • not finding the right fit for your child – parents find that they have not been allocated their public ‘school of choice’ or have been searching for the perfect school for their child and have been unsuccessful.  
  • having ‘missed the bus’ – parents sometimes assume that they’re too late and that enrolments are already closed or have been advised that their school of choice is already full.

No matter what the reason, at MPS we understand that “life happens” and sometimes what happens is beyond our control.  If, for whatever reason, you find yourself still looking for a Pre-Primary, Primary or High School for 2023 – we have some good news!  MPS still has space available for 2023…

Become a #ChangeMaker today!
At MPS we have a rather unique approach to ‘schooling’.  We’re not about just churning out learners with top marks and the best results, no matter the cost.  We are about – making a difference and a real change in the world.  

MPS is a place where #ChangeMakers are raised and released through a unique combination of High Touch Quality Education and Innovative Learning Methodologies through our partnership with Keller Education and all underpinned by our Christian ethos and Values.

We shared the story of our metamorphosis early in the year and our exciting new affiliations (read more in blog – RAISING & RELEASING #CHANGEMAKERS” & HOW MPS WAS RE-IMAGINED”). As a result we have had a lot of interest shown in our school and a number of new #ChangeMakers have joined the school’s ranks.  This has proven that we are on the right track when it comes to the future in education (read more in blog – LAUNCHING INTO THE FUTURE WITH MPS – WE’RE ON THE RIGHT TRAJECTORY!).

We would love for even more learners to experience the “MPS difference” and change not only their lives but the lives of their parents, families and community too!

Take a step closer to becoming part of the MPS #ChangeMaker clan and contact our efficient and friendly enrolment officer today.