Strengthening Foundations, Empowering Minds and Building Faith through all ages and grades and well into the future at Melkbosstrand Private School. Melkbosstrand Private School, in the heart of Cape Farms, has for many years stood as a beacon of academic excellence and moral fortitude, deeply rooted in Christian values and has long been dedicated to fostering holistic development, where academic achievement and spiritual growth intertwine. 

The school’s Christian ethos, embedded in daily routines and extracurricular activities from our very youngest at Noah’s Ark, through every grade in our Primary School right through to our high school learners – emphasises values such as love, compassion, integrity, and service. This foundation serves as the cornerstone of our commitment to providing an education that transcends traditional boundaries.

“We are excited to share news of a new partnership with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) which is not only aimed at strengthening foundations but also propels us towards a future where faith and excellence continue to co-exist,” says Mr Oloff Dreyer, CEO of MPS.

ACSI is a globally recognized organisation devoted to advancing Christian education and shares the school’s vision of shaping students who are not only academically proficient but also grounded in their faith.

Strength in Unity:

Acknowledging the importance of collaboration, MPS proudly joins hands with ACSI, South Africa.

“This partnership emphasises the belief that we are stronger together, anchored in our unwavering Christian foundations” adds Mr Dreyer.

“By uniting and joining a global network of other like-minded schools, we aim to enhance our overall impact and provide a well-rounded education that prepares students academically and morally.”

Benefits of the Partnership:

Partnering with ACSI makes perfect sense when considering the wealth of services provided to partner schools which include:

  • Connection – the opportunity to fellowship with like-minded professionals, access to a network of affiliated service providers, connecting through its global networks with international counterparts,
  • Advancement of Christian Education and Advocacy,
  • Professional Development – support and training of school leadership and teachers, academic and curriculum support and various national and regional conferences and workshops,
  • Quality Assurance and Governance support,
  • Resources

“Workshops, seminars, and conferences will empower MPS educators to integrate Christian values into their teaching methodologies, fostering a more holistic learning experience. The partnership also provides access to a vast repository of curriculum resources aligned with our Christian values, ensuring students receive an education that is academically rigorous and spiritually enriching. ACSI’s global network enables an exchange of ideas and experiences, fostering a global understanding rooted in Christian values.” adds Mr Dreyer.

As MPS embarks on this new journey as an ACSI partner school it remains steadfast in its dedication to providing an education that empowers minds and builds faith.

“This partnership with ACSI signifies our commitment to preparing students not just academically, but also spiritually, making them #Changemakers, ready for a world that requires both knowledge and faith.” concludes Mr Dreyer.

Contact us today to find out more about becoming part of the MPS family and traditions and set your child on a course to become an MPS #Changemaker for life!